Software support is critical for any new piece of gaming technology.

Sony has learned this over the years, which is why PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita launched with a healthy supply of games; you may remember that Sony actually delayed the Vita a few months so they could deliver at least 20 titles upon the handheld's release.

Well, 20 seems to be the magic number because they're aiming for that again with the launch of PlayStation VR. And while we've only seen a handful thus far, boss Kaz Hirai says the company is well on its way: In a recent BBC interview , Hirai said there were over 200 developers working on VR games right now, and over 100 game projects have begun:

"Well I think that we have more than 200 developers signed up for the PlayStation VR program, who are working on probably a hundred or more titles that will play on PlayStation VR, is a testament to the kind of support that we're getting from the content creation community."

So far, we've seen the likes of Eagle Flight and Ace Combat 7 , and more were announced last fall . The other important element will be price, which should fall into the $400-600 range; one of PlayStation VR's competitors, Oculus Rift, just received a launch price of $600, which might give Sony's device the edge .

We could also use a release date…