I don't think anyone will debate the obvious quality of the PlayStation 4 exclusive title, Bloodborne .

It was – and still is – in line for many awards and it won Best PS4 Game in our recently posted Game of the Year Awards as well. In short, the greatness of the game is not in question.

Furthermore, let's not forget that there are lots of ultra-challenging games designed specifically for the niche "hardcore" crowd. Generally, though, they're smaller indie titles and not big blockbuster AAA productions. And that's because publishers need to cater to as wide an audience as possible for such games, if they wish to make their money back. Blockbusters require substantial investment capital, and the casual market vastly outstrips the core market in today's far-reaching industry. The onslaught of mobile has seen to that, even after the industry started heading in the mainstream direction.

It's not like you can't find crazy hard games. But it's becoming increasingly difficult to find AAA video games that really task the player something fierce. We all know games have gotten a lot easier over the years and frankly, I'm happy about that. I never liked the immensely frustrating – and sometimes downright insane – difficulty of our games in the '80s and early '90s and I admit I have more fun now with the lesser demand on my fingers. But even so, the hardcore crowd remains and they feel they're getting squeezed out. Some will say Bloodborne was really the only "AAA hardcore game in 2016" and perhaps that's really true.

Thing is, it was still pretty popular. The core crowd can't be that small, right? But is that game's success enough to convince other developers of taking a risk? Or, are we simply going to see easier and easier games with giant budgets, just for the sake of a bigger audience…? Don't forget that even so-called hardcore titles like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt didn't shut out more casual gamers; there are ways to tackle such quests if all you want to do is hack and slash. Not so with Bloodborne however, and certain core fans are very happy about that.

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