Back in early December, Sony kicked off a big promotion for PlayStation Now, which let you sign up for the service for only $99.99/year .

That's a huge savings of 55 percent and just so you know, that offer is about to expire.

It's going to disappear on Monday, January 11, and to entice you still further, Sony has announced over 40 PS3 games for the Now library. This brings the total to 100+ PS3-exclusive titles and over 300 games overall, so the service might really be worth the cost of admission. And by the way, if you're already a one- or three-month subscriber, you can still purchase that 12-month subscription at the same hefty 55 percent discount.

If you haven't given PS Now a whirl yet, you can always check out the free 7-day Trial and then decide. Chances are, there are some games on the updated list – click the Blog link above – that you missed, and wouldn't mind trying now… Didja miss Heavenly Sword , for example?