Nobody deserves it more.

Hideo Kojima is an icon in the video game industry and rightfully so. His well-documented departure from Konami last year resulted in his opening a new studio and allying with Sony for his first project.

Now, the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) has announced that the Metal Gear Solid creator will be inducted into the video game Hall of Fame. He will be the 21st recipient of the prestigious award, which he will accept from the hands of film director and friend Guillermo del Toro at the 19th D.I.C.E. Awards in Las Vegas on February 18. Yup, del Toro.

The two were working together on that ill-fated Silent Hills project , and del Toro is on record saying he'd very much like to work with Kojima again . Well, at the very least, he can present this well-deserved accolade. AIAS president Martin Rae added the following:

"Hideo Kojima's career-defining works have shaped much of how the video game industry approaches cinematic storytelling and player engagement. As one of the most well-loved and well-respected designers of our time, it is a great honor for the Academy to induct him into our Hall of Fame. Hideo is a game creator whose eyes havealways looked towards the future, and we look forward to his thoughts on the D.I.C.E. Summit stage."

If you're wondering, you can only earn AIAS Hall of Fame status if you "have been instrumental in the development of highly influential games and moving a particular genre forward. These individuals demonstrate the highest level of creativity and innovation, resulting in significant product influence on a scale that expands the scope of the industry." Kojima will join the likes of Dan and Sam Houser (Rockstar Games founders), Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka (BioWare founders), and Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto. The latter was the first inductee back in 1998.

Congratulations, Kojima-san!

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5 years ago

Miyamoto is definitely a video game icon.
Glad to see Hideo join the ranks

5 years ago

Standing ovation for Kojima!

And my hope is for Kojima & Del Toro to put their two great minds together to get a new & fantastic IP up & running ASAP.