Can't even put down the damn device when you're supposed to be on emergency duty, huh?

According to a WPBF report (via NeoGAF ), Palm Beach County, Florida communications training officer Charles Morris was caught playing handheld video games while on duty in October.

And it was the third time he'd been caught doing it. Yeah. You fail.

Calls were actually delayed due to this guy's inability to put down the game and as cited in the report: "In one such instance, a hit-and-run incident in Lake Park was held for 40 minutes before being dispatched." Separately, another call following a shooting was held for nine minutes before Morris got a unit to respond to the scene.

And as this is the third documented instance of Morris neglecting his responsibilities (recorded in only one year between October 2014 and October 2015), I'd say it's probably time for him to go. This isn't excusable.