Fans of the original Valkyria Chronicles were overjoyed to hear about the remaster for PlayStation 4.

They're also getting a sequel, Valkyria: Azure Revolution , which we recently got a peek at .

And while it's true that neither title has been confirmed for a North American release just yet, we're still allowed to hope, right? And following the sequel trailer, Sega has released a trailer for the Valkyria Chronicles Remaster , along with the Japanese launch date of February 10, 2016. As reported by RPGamer , this title first released for PS3 back in 2008 and garnered a ton of loyal followers. The strategy/RPG remains one of the most beloved titles of the previous generation and admittedly, it was a little strange that the well-received sequel launched only for PSP.

The games actually sold relatively well in the U.S. so it's definitely feasible that both the original remaster and Azure Revolution will eventually land on western shores. Just gotta be patient.

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