You might think it's impossible to beat Fallout 4 without killing anyone or anything.

But you'd be wrong.

Extremely difficult, yes, but not impossible as dedicated gamer Kyle Hinckley proved.

As revealed in this Kotaku feature , Hinckley managed to go through the entire game without registering an actual kill. Things do die but he managed to make it so none of those deaths are attributed to his character. On top of which, he did this on the hardest mode, Survival, which just makes the feat that much more impressive…and that much more insane.

His first attempt was "dismal" and then he poured 75 hours into an attempt that failed simply because he chose the wrong faction. But he eventually did it by creating a character called Dizzy who was "incapable of killing even lowly Radroaches."

"Dizzy is built for mind games. Think of her as the Kilgrave of the Commonwealth. With a high charisma stat, Dizzy can convince humans and Deathclaws alike to calm down. Better yet, Dizzy eventually gains the power to turn people against each other in a murderous rage, all without having to fire a single shot."

Here's the first part of his successful no-kill play-through:

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