It has been Square Enix's goal for years: Get as many Western gamers interested in their products as possible.

It's why they snagged Eidos and why so many titles they publish today are of great interest to the Western crowd. But they've also been "Westernizing" Final Fantasy , at least to some extent.

There's no doubt that the upcoming Final Fantasy XV shows evidence of a development team that hopes to cater to both Japanese and Western gamers. The old-school JRPG anime influence has been toned down and altered significantly, and the style of gameplay should also appeal more to those who like standard action/adventure games . In other words, the hardcore JRPG aficionado may not care much about FFXV.

I mean, this person is far more likely to be interested in the likes of Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom and Star Ocean 5 , right? And of the long-running JRPG series, there are multiple installments in the Atelier , Tales and Ys franchises that typically appeal to this niche crowd. I'm starting to wonder if that crowd has long since started to ignore Final Fantasy ever since hearing the details of FFXV. Are they?

Don't forget that gamers who live in Japan have been losing faith in FF over the years as well; the last few FF installments haven't fared particularly well in any region. And yet, a few of these JRPGs really seem to be going strong and I think I know why…it's because they actually feel like JRPGs.