Okay, so Sparrow Racing in Destiny is gone. Don't despair, though, because Iron Banner is back!

As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , the latest version of the game's popular multiplayer event kicked off yesterday, December 29.

Those who participate on either PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 are eligible to receive some exclusive gear: No fewer than six pieces of armor will be available if you prove yourself worthy on the battlefield. So get out there and fight; Titans, Hunters and Warlocks can grab this brand new legendary gear. Said Bungie Community Manager "DeeJ:"

"Power matters in Iron Banner, so the armor you equip makes all the difference. You’ll find some of these additional items in each Iron Banner event, available from Lord Saladin. It will also drop at the conclusion of a match, as loot does."

Did you happen to nab that awesome Destiny-themed PS4 during the holiday season? Then you should be all over the new Iron Banner event!

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