If you loved the acclaimed Bloodborne , you'll probably be excited about this news.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio Producer Teruyuki Toriyama was a major part of the development team for the well-received PS4 exclusive and now, he tells Japanese website 4Gamer (as translated by DualShockers ) that he has another project coming in 2016.

Toriyama says he'll do his best to "deliver another ambitious game" next year, as he thanked all the readers for their future support of the Japan Studio team. He didn't go into detail concerning this new title, but we'd like to hope it'll be revealed sooner rather than later. If it's going to come out in 2016, shouldn't we catch a glimpse of it relatively soon…? Or, perhaps there was something lost in translation and Toriyama only intends to announce the game next year, and the release date is a ways off.

If you need a similar fix, though, you can always check out Dark Souls III , which just recently earned a finalized launch date and a couple slick new trailers.

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