It's possibly the surprise hit of the year and it seems like everyone's lovin' it.

Now, developer Psyonix has announced that its well-received and super popular PSN title Rocket League has reached nearly 9 million total players.

Furthermore, they said there are a "number of exciting announcements" scheduled for the next several months, as Psyonix fully intends to "aggressively" support the smash hit. This will include new modes, DLC and Arenas, and as marketing director Jeremy Dunham said:

"Of course, nothing we accomplished this year (or plan to do for the next) would have been possible without you, our dedicated community. You helped us reach our dreams with Rocket League, and now we hope to inspire yours for many years to come."

Rocket League released this past summer after Psyonix spent about $2 million bringing the project to reality. Since that time, the game has raked in nearly $50 million . Have you tried one of 2015's best and most addictive titles?

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6 years ago

Sony needs to step in and get the team to port this to Vita as they are with the Banner Saga.

Last edited by Temjin001 on 12/24/2015 11:06:16 AM

6 years ago

Just got this on Steam as an early Christmas present for my son. It is super dope. Love that it has local splitscreen you can play online, and love that it is cross platform with PS4.