If you were hoping to see Star Wars: Battlefront DLC based on the newly released blockbuster movie, you're out of luck.

At least for now. While developer DICE has plenty of content plans for the game, none of them have anything to do with "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

As spotted by NeoGAF , the Battlefront Twitter page stated:

That doesn't necessarily mean we'll never see DLC based on the movie, but you can forget about it for the immediate future. The game's first expansion, Battle of Jakku, introduced a new mode , but it's set 29 years before the events of "The Force Awakens." Maybe we'll see something toward the end of the DLC cycle in 2016…

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6 years ago

I saw the movie last night and it was awesome!

6 years ago

battle of jakku….

thats gotta be tied in to the movie somehow. esp if its before the movies events. so we may or may not see anything related to rey