Yet another PlayStation 2 Classic is now available on the PlayStation Store.

And those who remember the launch of the PS2 should recall this title: Fantavision .

The game that allowed your TV screen to explode in a dazzling fireworks display can now be downloaded on your PS4 for $10. If you're a Plus member, you can grab it for only $7.50. This makes the 10th PS2 Classic to arrive on Sony's new console; the first eight featured big names like Grand Theft Auto and Twisted Metal , and then they added PaRappa the Rapper 2 .

Sony says many more are coming, too, and we might have a sneak peek thanks to some recent ESRB ratings (via GamesRadar ). Here are a few future possibilities:

Rumor has it we can also expect Max Payne at some point. Sony has asked the fans for suggestions (what are some of your recommendations?) and the company is sticking by their plan, recently defending those controversial price points .