Yes, PS2 classics have made their way to PS4 (well, a few great titles , anyway), but I just have one question for Sony:

How popular is this new endeavor thus far? Are people really responding in droves?

Sony is definitely serious about seeing this through; they've already asked long-time PlayStation fans for some suggestions . However, most people I know aren't interested in basically buying the same game multiple times; if they bought it for PS2 and the title released as a PS3 classic, this would be the third time they paid for it. Granted, we're only talking about $10 or $15 here but even so, it's a far cry from true backward compatibility; i.e., simply putting the PS2 discs we already own into our PS4s and playing.

I've always thought such a feature would only appeal to those who loved the PS2 generation. I just can't see a lot of younger gamers going back that far just to check things out; most millennials just find such old tech laughable, anyway. But ironically, that seems to be the only group who might respond to this initiative, as they never bought these classics before, so they don't feel as if they're being taken advantage of. Those with big PS2 collections just shrug their shoulders and go, "meh, this is why I still have the PS2 hooked up."

Then again, I think it's feasible that Sony could add numerous PS2 classics I never owned or played, and I might be interested. For example, I hear Fantavision is next on the list and I studiously avoided that one when PS2 launched. Now, I might be intrigued. I just wonder if there are enough of us, and if we'll do it often enough to make this whole thing worthwhile for Sony. What do you think?

P.S. The picture here is for The Mark of Kri and if you missed it – and too many did – way back when, you gotta give it a go. Loved that game. But per my point, I have the disc for PS2 and I won't be paying to download it so I can have it on PS4.