Obviously, Sony and Microsoft are competitors in the video game industry. And without healthy competition, you have no industry.

But that's the key word: "Healthy." And at least one Sony boss believes that's precisely the right adjective to describe the Sony/Microsoft battle this generation.

In speaking to The Guardian , PlayStation boss Andrew House said the PS4 vs. Xbox One clash is bringing out the best of each company and all the creators. He also praises new Microsoft Xbox chief Phil Spencer as being a straight shooter:

"It’s reached a point of what I would describe as really healthy competition – and I use the word ‘healthy’ very deliberately. I think since Phil Spencer took on leadership of [Microsoft’s Xbox division], he has been very honest about their approach. He’s been, in a very gentlemanly way, complimentary about us in the past. But if you look at something like Augmented Reality for them or virtual reality for us, we’re both trying to build a category overall. At the end of the day, there is a shared goal of great experiences for gamers."

PS4 is certainly winning the sales war so far, recently passing the 30 million mark , while Xbox One is estimated to have sold maybe 16 or 17 million worldwide. And after falling from the top spot in October, Sony's console reclaimed the #1 hardware position in the U.S. last month. But there's no doubt that Microsoft will continue to fight, and both consoles should end up selling plenty before all is said and done.