Well, that's…something.

These big open-world games just keep getting bigger. And sometimes, we don't always appreciate the sheer size and scope of our environment because we're moving so quickly.

But have you ever wondered how long it might take to simply walk across one of those big maps? YouTuber TheyCallMeConor decided to stroll across the sprawling island of Medici in Just Cause 3 (via Kotaku ) and it took him a whopping 8 hours and 40 minutes. Don't worry, though, the video posted is a time-lapse video so you don't actually have to sit there all day.

Conor has walked across other maps, too, including Grand Theft Auto V (a little over 6 hours) and Fallout 4 (less than one hour) but of course, you need to consider other elements like how the world is constructed and standard movement speed.

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