How is the Final Fantasy VII Remake shaping up?

Well, if you want to pick through a particularly wonky translation of a recent Japanese interview with Square Enix bosses Nomura and Kitase (which will debut in this week's Famitsu issue), go right ahead.

Well, let's see: It appears Square Enix wants to add some depth and dimension to various parts of the game, as we already knew. They've said that given the sheer size and scope of this project, they've adopted a "multi-part" series concept. According to this new info, that includes fleshing out the infamous Shinra trio of Rude, Reno and Elena, and it also involves a greatly expanded Midgar section. There should also be a bigger emphasis on Cloud's early allies; Biggs, Wedge and Jessie.

As for tech, we know they're using Unreal Engine 4 for the production, and now they say they're working with the Kingdom Hearts team as well. Considering the type of gameplay they're using, that's no surprise. It's also no surprise to hear that we'll be able to switch between our three party members during combat. Speaking of which, here's the screwy translation concerning the fighting:

"Battle system action closer. Crisis Core and will be different at all. AC version of the DFF and KH as action color also not · ATB system strongly. However, it is not intended that the attack in order Once the gauge is accumulated, it can not be said to be, details change the name of the · ATB that is a system that leads to action resistance, but there is that ATB gauge is red, in the fact that attention"

So, what do you make of it?

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