Rainbow Six Siege is a solid, entertaining experience but like all always-online games, improvements can be made.

First on the list for Ubisoft is the improvement of the Casual and Ranked playlists, which will continue through December and into 2016.

After a recent Reddit AMA , the developers revealed their plan of attack in the Ubisoft forums . Thanks to the community reactions to the game thus far, the team has the following goals:

MID-DECEMBER 2015: SYNCH BACK THE HUD OF CASUAL / RANKED PLAYLISTS. This will be done two weeks after launch through a title update. After compiling the Open Beta feedback we received, we have refined our choices for HUD settings and have decided to apply them identically to both Ranked and Casual. Minor exceptions will exist however for settings other than HUD.

HIGH PRIORITY IN 2016: DEVELOP AND LAUNCH A DEDICATED HARDCORE PLAYLIST. Current plan is to develop a full-fledged hardcore playlist (if the player base allows it). By having hardcore be its own playlist, we will have the liberty to have the hardcore experience that we want and that the community deserves. Meanwhile, players will be able to enjoy a Hardcore pre-set in Custom games.

Ubisoft says they want the Casual and Ranked experiences to "be as close and consistent as possible," so they're going to strive to make this happen down the road. They will also be working on making the matchmaking and overall online stability better. Steps in the right direction, we say.

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