So, what did you think of this year's PlayStation Experience?

That's the question we asked the community in our latest poll and as it turns out, the majority of our readers certainly enjoyed the festivities.

Most said it was a "great show" and no wonder: We saw all sorts of great games and announcements, including the return of Team Ninja's Ni-Oh (can't wait for that one!), the arrival of a new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer , the announcement of a Ni No Kuni sequel (exclusive to PS4, by the way), a solidified release date for the anticipated Ratchet & Clank remake , and Ace Combat 7 for PlayStation VR . For a great recap, check out the PlayStation Blog .

This week, after so much controversy, the question should be obvious: What do you expect from that Final Fantasy VII Remake ? Brilliance? Mediocrity? …a travesty? Let us know.

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6 years ago

I am very happy that they're remaking 7 and not 8-10 which I enjoyed more. If they were treating FF8 (my favorite since PS1) like this I would be very disappointed.

FF7 Chapter 1: $50-60
FF7 Chapter 2: $50-60
FF7 Chapter 3: $50-60

(unconfirmed information)

Even if they were going to release two chapters for $40 each they would make a lot of money and that's what ultimately business is about especially when a company is struggling.

Let's not forget all the DLC they might advertise in between chapters and/or after the final chapter.

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6 years ago

Although I doubt It, they could be doing it like hOw they do it with their Hitman game.