It isn't just Sony that will push the virtual reality revolution forward.

As PlayStation Magic Labs research director Richard Marks told Fortune in a recent interview, the VR development community is working together to bring us into the new age of interactive entertainment.

Everyone is wondering how well initiatives like PlayStation VR will sell, and Marks believes that when it arrives in the first half of 2016, it will kick off a "snowball effect" in terms of sales:

"Our customers are already very aware of VR and are anticipating it. Once the PlayStation VR goes out on the market, they’ll see so many in people’s homes that it will create this snowball effect."

This could happen because PC-based VR systems Oculus Rift and HTC Vive should be available before PlayStation VR, so virtual reality will come out of the gate at a dead sprint. On top of which, with the PlayStation 4 user base likely in the neighborhood of 40 million at the time of PS VR's launch (it passed 30 million last month), the waters might be primed for what was once called Project Morpheus.

Do you plan on getting PlayStation VR when it comes out? We still don't have a price yet but Sony is on the record saying it will probably cost what a new gaming platform costs , so $400 might be a good guess. And don't forget about some of the very promising titles they have on tap!