So it appears a certain sequel isn't selling very well.

The critics seemed to love the latest Lara Croft adventure but as we're seeing now, it's not exactly flying off store shelves.

According to one report , Rise of the Tomb Raider only sold 330,000 copies in its first week at market, although recent rumors say the game has now passed a half-million . Either way, these are not impressive numbers and you have to think developer Crystal Dynamics is regretting their decision to side with Microsoft for a timed exclusivity deal. The 2013 reboot sold 3.4 million units in its first month and went on to sell over 8.5 million. Of course, it released for multiple platforms, and jumped generations to come to two new consoles.

Even so, 3.4 million is a far cry from the few hundred thousand the sequel will sell in its first month. It'll be lucky to top a million at this rate, right? The question is, did the team opt to take Microsoft's cash before they saw just how popular PS4 was going to be? Maybe they're kicking themselves now for possibly assuming Xbox One would be in the early lead, like Xbox 360 was over PS3. Or, maybe they just thought more Xbox One's would be in homes by now (at last count, sales are at what, 16, 17 million?). On the flip side, PS4 has already passed 30 million ; had RotTR been a timed exclusive for PS4, I think we all know the numbers would be much better.

Well, I bet Crystal Dynamics is really looking forward to the PS4 release now, huh?

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