As you might expect, the developers want to fix this exploit mighty quick.

The Destiny community has discovered a bug that lets players obtain a Sparrow Racing League item for free, when in fact it should cost $10.

Bungie acknowledged the problem on Twitter , saying:

"We're investigating a bug with the SRL Record Book, with the intention of fixing it. Please stand by."

As described on Reddit , the exploit involves the SRL Record Book, which is supposed to cost you 1,000 Silver (or $10 in real money). But players realized they could go to the Eververse Trading Company NPC Tess, compete the book's challenges, and get the book without paying a dime for it. You can see the process in the video below. This is causing an issue with those who already purchased the SRL Record Book, too; said Reddit user T1Giggle:

"I believe those of us who actually spent the 1000 silver on the SRL Record Book should be refunded or compensated in some way. This is a really unfortunate oversight on Bungie's part, and I really hope they can make it right for those who spent money on something people are obtaining for free."

The Sparrow Racing League arrived for Destiny this past week as part of the game's big December update. Have you tried it yet?

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6 years ago

What is this Destiny game you speak of?

6 years ago

So give those that paid for it a refund(they legally should have the records),leave it as is so everyone can get it and in the meantime investigate what caused it so you can avoid repeating it in the future, not freaking rocket science.