Here's an interesting new game for the PlayStation Network.

It's called The Tomorrow Children and if you want an early peek, you should know that developer Q-Games has announced a closed beta test for PlayStation 4.

The test will begin on January 21 and will "only be online for a short period of time," so make sure to be ready on the 21st. If you're interested, sign-ups are here and as a small incentive, those who participate will earn an exclusive costume (see it through the Blog link above). They're calling this a "retro-futuristic, cold war-themed, post-apocalyptic alternate timeline" universe, or, to be more specific, an "online social action adventure game."

The surface of the earth is encased in a huge white shell called the Void; it's apparently a necessity after a Soviet experiment goes terribly wrong. Now, you must brave the Void and collect resources to help develop towns and at the same time, you have to survive the onslaught of the Izverg. These are "mysterious creatures that emerge from the depths of the Void destroying everything in their wake."

Sounds intriguing, yes?

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6 years ago

looks interesting. will def check it out

6 years ago

Just signed up, looks like it could be a really interesting game.