Two pretty big titles released last week but according to the results of our latest poll, not many of our readers were interested.

With both Just Cause 3 and Rainbow Six Siege launching, we wanted to know which of these games you planned to get. Well, as it turns out, most of you planned to get…neither.

While there were more votes for the bombastic Just Cause 3 , the majority of participants said that neither title interested them. Perhaps everyone is still too busy playing catch-up after another busy year, or maybe these are two adventures that simply don't appeal to our readers. We've been hearing some pretty good things about both, though, so you might want to add 'em to your holiday wish list.

This week, the question should be obvious: What did you think of the PlayStation Experience this year? We got several new PS4 exclusive announcements ( Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom , Ni-Oh and Ace Combat 7 ) along with that much-discussed Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay . So, what did you think?

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