Haven't tried PlayStation Now?

Sony has the holiday deal for you: As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , a 12-month subscription for the streaming rental service only costs $99.99. This is a limited time-only offer and saves you 55% off the regular monthly subscription price .

So, for less than $9/month , you can gain acess to "hundreds of PS3 games," with new titles added every month. If you're a current Now member, you can snag the 12-month subscription on the Store to extend your current 1-month or 3-month deal. To entice you further is a slew of freshly added games from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, including Batman: Arkham Asylum , Batman: Arkham City and Injustice: Gods Among Us .

For the kids, there's a wide assortment of new LEGO adventures. Sony has been adding games at a pretty steady clip; we got "SHOCKTOBER" releases , for example, and more are on the way. But is it worth that $100 for the year…? That's up to you.