It's one of our absolute most anticipated next-gen games and that's because Thief is a revered, iconic stealth IP.

We've been not so patiently awaiting its return and in 2014, Garrett will finally once again stalk the streets. Robbing people blind is his specialty and catching him is a definite challenge for authorities.

We got a great look at some early gameplay, and there are also several key interviews and discussions from E3. The video below starts with that gameplay footage and shows Garrett sliding stealthily along dark, wonderfully detailed streets, carefully avoiding notice and snagging what he can. Of course, we imagine that when the game comes out, the mainstream press will denounce it for being a "burgling simulator," designed to turn every one of us into thieving bastards. Oh noes, the world will be overrun!

But we can ignore that annoying naivete because Thief will have returned, and stealth fans will be too happy to notice any such stupidity.

Thanks, Zak!