Looks like developer From Software is scrambling to fix a few serious issues with the Bloodborne servers.

Sony Japan has announced that the game's servers have been taken down for "emergency maintenance." The good news is you can still enjoy the offline adventure.

The bad news is that this maintenance will take "a few days" and they didn't offer any details. That being said, Kotaku believes this happened because of an exploit that supposedly let players unlock the new expansion, The Old Hunters, without paying for it. Then, lead hosting engineer Tim Wernicke offered the following explanation on Reddit :

"We've received some really important feedback about an exploit and serious issues that exist in the game. The game is currently undergoing emergency maintenance, and we're working non-stop to get some things patched and back online. So a huge thank-you to everyone here for the feedback, and please be patient while we work to get things restored.

I apologize that I can't be more specific, but I wanted to let you know that we value your feedback, and what you're doing here is really helping. So, thanks!"

The Old Hunters released on November 24 for the price of $19.99. From Software said they'd let you know when the servers are back online, so be patient!

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7 years ago

Live free or die ya bastards! Can dish it out but can't take it huh?

7 years ago

Good on em, I certainly wouldn't want anyone trying to steal from me.
Plus they'd have a much bigger problem than me shutting down servers if they did.

Lock & load…….

Last edited by BikerSaint on 12/2/2015 5:13:46 AM