Well, I'd say that's a split-decision.

When Sony revealed that PlayStation 4 would finally get backwards compatibility for PS2 games , most fans were pleased. But according to the results of our latest poll, the response isn't overwhelmingly positive.

Almost an equal number of participants were at the two extremes of the poll: "Love it! Can't wait to get it!" and "Don't care one way or the other." Another large group said they think it's a good idea provided Sony does it right, and others said they'll remain on the fence until they get the details. So, at this point, there's no clear-cut winner. Maybe we're too far along in this generation and the prospect of playing PS2 games continues to wane with time.

This week, two of 2015's biggest games arrive: Just Cause 3 and Rainbow Six Siege . Planning on getting one or the other? Both? Neither? If you need help deciding, you can check out the 400-mile map of JC3 , and don't forget that Siege has had major issues with the open beta , although Ubisoft swears it'll be ready for launch.