It's bound to be a very subjective term and as such, it will always foster plenty of debate.

What iconic video game franchises would you consider "world famous?" Would Metal Gear Solid be on the list? Well, in the eyes of Platinum Games boss Hideki Kamiya, it shouldn't be.

Kamiya Tweeted about his definition of "world famous games" (as translated by CGM ) and he said:

"Super Mario and Dragon Quest applies to that list, Zelda, Resident Evil, and Final Fantasy are in borderline position…Metal Gear Solid and Monster Hunter are not on that list, unfortunately."

So, what do you think? It seems reasonable. After all, while MGS and Monster Hunter are indeed huge, I wouldn't say they've crossed over to the mainstream side of the industry, where video games finally become household names. Even my grandmother has heard of Mario and Resident Evil (not sure about Zelda , though) but MGS remains unknown to those outside the core gaming populace.

Do you agree?