Well, that figures. Two days after writing up an in-depth preview of Battleborn , it gets delayed.

The new MOBA-like "hero shooter" from Borderlands developer Gearbox Software won't make its original February 9, 2016 launch date.

This according to the latest earnings report from publisher Take-Two Interactive. In addition to learning that Grand Theft Auto V has now shipped over 54 million copies across all platforms (holy crap ), we also found out Battleborn wouldn't be ready until May 3. The 5-on-5 action game has a lot going for it but evidently, the recent beta test exposed some issues the team has to address. That's just an assumption, though, as Take-Two didn't give an official reason for the delay.

This is the second title that was supposed to launch in February but got pushed to May; the anticipated Mirror's Edge: Catalyst was supposed to arrive on February 23 but was recently delayed .

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