PlayStation VR is slated to drop next year and only recently have we heard about more games that will support the promising virtual reality initiative.

The only question is whether or not these newly revealed titles have made an impact.

So, what does the gaming community think of these VR experiences? Personally, I'm not sure Tekken 7 in VR will even work properly, or if it'll be appealing to avid fighting fans. But I think games that take advantage of VR's enhanced immersion could be fantastic; for example, Crytek's Robinson: The Journey has a load of promise, and I'm very interested to see what Supermassive does with Until Dawn: Rush of Blood .

Of course, my reservations about VR remain. I believe it could be hugely damaging and even dangerous, and I don't believe we'll even acknowledge the effects until a few years down the road. We all know how long it took for games to add that seizure disclaimer and yes, there's a reason the disclaimer exists. It's my belief that VR could, for some people, have profoundly disastrous results. But more practically and personally, I think it's just too expensive and it's bound to give me a raging headache.

That doesn't mean developers can't still do special things with this new medium, though. I just wonder if any of these scheduled games are going over well with the community.