Well, looks exactly like Bayonetta to me.

One of the most well-received announcements at E3 2015 was the unveiling of a Nier sequel , with the caveat that the action experts at PlatinumGames were working on it (the original development team, Cavia, is no more).

Now, we've got the full name, a bunch of character and story information, and the first gameplay video; you can find it all over at the PlayStation Blog . The new effort is called Nier: Automata and it will land on PlayStation 4 in 2016. The new main character appears to be female but in point of fact, she's not actually human. They say her name or serial number is 2B and she's an android with a lot of dazzling combat skills. This particular android isn't allowed to have emotions, by the way.

Click through the link above to read more about the story, if you like. Personally, I think dropping what amounts to no more than a combat drone into the sequel, and apparently fixating entirely on the combat (which is precisely what I've been worried about ) is a terrible idea. I see nothing here that even hints at role-playing but…well, it's Platinum. The first game was an action/RPG, people.

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