Is Assassin's Creed Syndicate good? Is it worth your time and money? Does it indicate a step forward for the long-running franchise?

Well, uh…that all depends on which review you read.

Critics are weighing in left and right on Ubisoft's latest blockbuster effort and the scores are all over the place. You've got a 4 from Telegraph , a 5 from Videogamer and 6s from Push Square , Hardcore Gamer and GamingTrend . These reviews claim the title is a serious misstep and an absolute shame.

On the flip side you've got 9s from GameSpot , Game Informer , XGN , and God is a Geek , along with 8.5s from ZTGD , Polygon and ActionTrip , and an 8.2 from IGN . There are a few larger sources in here, if that means anything to you.

The weird part is that the good reviews almost completely contradict the bad ones. It's not that critics are all citing the same things and some just dislike the drawbacks more than others; it's that some are really saying the game is a great new entry in the series, and one the franchise desperately needed. While at the same time, the naysayers are claiming almost precisely the opposite.

Always odd when this happens.