Although it was initially slated to launch later this year, it appears Bethesda requires more time.

The publisher has revealed that The Elder Scrolls Online won't drop until next year, although it is confirmed for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, as we anticipated.

However, didn't we hear Tretton say the beta would first be exclusive to the PS4? Wasn't that part of the reason this game was on display during Sony's press conference? I forget now; I was a little busy at the time, and besides, I'm not into MMOs. However, when it comes to The Elder Scrolls , one can't ignore the level of quality that always seems to be evident in those games. If that same level of quality is featured in Elder Scrolls Online , I might just have to take a peek. It could be loads of fun with friends.

I'd still rather hear about the next offline installment, though.

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