We've haven't yet heard about the next official entry in the legendary Resident Evil franchise, but Capcom might be ready to talk soon.

During a recent Dengeki PlayStation interview (via Siliconera ), RE producer Masachika Kawata offered the following vague update when asked about Resident Evil 7 :

"We're currently not at a state to talk about it. But please stay tuned."

We thought Resident Evil 6 lacked a sense of identity and many have wondered about the horror franchise's direction. Capcom ended up shipping over 5 million copies of RE6 but admitted that it suffered from "inadequate organizational collaboration." According to many long-time fans, that wasn't the only ailment from which the title suffered.

When Kawata was asked if he thought the series was "losing its horror touch," the producer didn't shy away from the question:

"Since there's been more spinoff titles, I can see how it can be perceived in such a way. And of course I believe that we should produce titles that bring out the horror. I'm thinking about it and also preparing for it."

Yeah, those spin-offs didn't help. But if you're looking for a solid horror fix while you wait for news of RE7, you might want to consider the recently released SOMA , which has been performing quite well .

Elsewhere in the interview, Kawata said Capcom isn't thinking about a new Devil May Cry entry at this point, Sorry, Dante fans.