Not long ago, Destiny developer Bungie said there are more secrets to find in the newly released expansion, The Taken King.

Well, perhaps one of those secrets is a hidden room in the King's Fall Raid. It seems the community has stumbled upon a room that, for the time being at least, has a mysterious access .

It's after players kill a giant Ogre named Gorgoroth; in the next area, which has you navigating one of the Dreadnaught's (the huge new location in The Taken King) hallways, there's a complex jumping puzzle. Occasionally, there's a platform with a "lamp" of some kind on it and if you jump on it in a certain sequence, a secret door opens. Some claim the correct sequence is:


Problem is, some are saying that doesn't work for them, so exactly how to open the door in question hasn't been perfectly established. It does appear that there's a relic in the room, though, so it might be worth the trouble…