We've been missing Burnout for a long time.

But never fear, it looks like we might get a really cool spiritual successor from the original developers.

If you didn't know, former Criterion Games bosses Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry founded Three Fields Entertainment last year, and now they're teasing a new project that's getting long-time Burnout fans all antsy. The hints have been popping up on Twitter; the first one says they're going to produce a multiplayer sports game, set to release in Spring 2016. But after that, they're doing a driving game.

And that's where the fun begins, because another Tweet reads:

That certainly sounds a lot like Burnout , doesn't it? However, we don't know which of the entries will get this spiritual successor and that's important because there was a major shift in that franchise. After the linear arcade-style crash-fests, the series went open-world with Burnout Paradise . That was way back in 2008 and it was the last official Burnout entry, not counting the spin-off Burnout Crash .

So, which do you want to see revisited? Me, I say it has to be Burnout 3: Takedown .