Now that we have the exact dates for the Star Wars: Battlefront beta, EA has offered more details.

As the publisher announced at the game's official website , fans can now check the beta's file size, level cap, and more information about the available modes and maps.

First up is the file size, which will be about 7GB on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; the PC version will require 11GB. For the record, pre-loading will only be supported on PC. As for level cap, we now know we can go as far as Level 5; once you've hit that level, you won't go any higher and don't forget that your progress won't carry over to the final version. EA hasn't announced a level cap for the full game.

Furthermore, developer DICE says they need this time to "test aspects of the game's online infrastructure during gameplay," which is standard. This is a beta, after all. Remember, it's available to all (you don't have to pre-order to get into the test) so if you want to test it out, go for it. The beta will run October 8-12.

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