Driveclub just keeps getting bigger and better.

And Evolution Studios boss Paul Rustchynsky is never afraid to talk about the team's current work on Twitter .

As summarized by The Games Cabin , Rustchynsky's recent Twitter updates have included the following info:

First, Evolution is prepping a new mobile app for the PlayStation 4 exclusive racer. The original one didn't really happen (although we don't know why) but perhaps we can expect more news before the year is out…? Next up, he confirmed that more Trophies are coming out soon, and they'll be adding private lobbies to the game. The latter is definitely something the game has needed for a while, in my estimation. Private lobbies will come in October, presumably as part of the big update on tap.

As for gameplay alterations: One is that the team is considering building a track that's basically a straight line, so you can test full speed. The other possibility is a new cockpit view for those who want a bit more choice. Also, don't forget that we're getting one free track every week between now and Christmas . As you can see, bigger and better with each passing month.

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