I'm not sure how many transgender individuals were wandering around late-19th century England but hey, inclusiveness has to be a priority or you will suffer the consequences in this world.

Ubisoft is avoiding any problems by making sure the upcoming Assassin's Creed Syndicate is as politically correct and "progressive" as humanly possible.

As creative director Marc-Alexis Côté told Eurogamer in a recent interview, the new AC adventure will boast the franchise's first transgender character. His name is Ned Wynert and he'll be an NPC that gives you a quest. Said Côté:

"Inclusiveness is something that's super important for us as a team. We've made a good push towards diversity and how we approach different subjects in the game."

Obviously, this is in response to last year's criticism of Assassin's Creed Unity . People had a problem at the lack of female playable characters (I guess we're going to have to have two protagonists in each game now), despite the fact that one character – Elise – was a hugely critical part of the plot.

And of course, we will have a playable male and female character in Syndicate . Furthermore, Ubisoft made certain to amend the disclaimer for the game. It now reads: "Inspired by historical events and characters, this work of fiction was designed, developed, and produced by a multicultural team of various beliefs, sexual orientations, and gender identities." The last two were recently added.

Well, at least they'll be free from criticism this year. …that is, until they get flak for not having a playable transgender character.