With all the evidence floating around concerning a Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster , I'm hearing a lot of the same remarks from franchise fans:

"This game really doesn't deserve an HD update."

The wording varies of course but it seems a lot of fans really don't care about FFXII getting the high-def overhaul. Now, on the flip side, it seemed like a lot of these same fans were overjoyed to learn that Final Fantasy X would be re-issued on the PS3 in a glossy new HD format. Obviously, the implication is that FFX is simply viewed as a better and more revered game when compared with FFXII.

But that comparison isn't in question here; rather, I'm wondering if the franchise followers will respond favorably to the FFXII HD update (if it is indeed coming). I mean, I'm sure plenty of people will buy it but I worry that not enough people will buy it, thereby causing Square Enix to call the project a "failure." I think FFXII is one of the most controversial installments in the entire franchise, clearly because it did a lot of things differently.

One could argue it was by far the most different of any FF since VII (compared to VI on SNES). FFXII featured an open world, or at least a far more open world than any we'd seen before in the series, and a hybrid real-time/turn-based mechanic that some die-hard fans really hated. Many also didn't like the story, saying it just wasn't anywhere near as involving. Similar complaints were heard about the characters. Me, I agree with the story and character part; FFXII has by far the least interesting story and cast of characters of any FF, in my estimation. I didn't even care what happened until the very end.

But while I thought I'd despise the new battle mechanic, I actually loved it. As I could still pause the action at any time and input commands, and my strategy mattered far more than my dexterity and reflexes, I still considered it more of an RPG than an action game. It was indeed all of that; a deep, rewarding RPG that I really got into. I even liked the License system, even though I know many others hated it. All in all, I think it's a perfect example of logical progression; after FFXII, "logical progression" flew out the window at Square Enix HQ, but whatever.

So for my part, I would welcome a Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster . Would you?