It was a little funny to hear Tetsuya Nomura say they "didn't have time" to talk about Final Fantasy Versus XIII at Sony's E3 press conference.

Even so, they were nice enough to deliver another very pretty trailer, which makes the game appear even more like an action game than an RPG. But in truth, that's precisely what many gamers were expecting. They figured it would probably be more of an action/RPG, like the iconic, entertaining Kingdom Hearts .

Except now it has become Final Fantasy XV .

…and speaking of Kingdom Hearts , they've confirmed that Kingdom Hearts III is currently in development for the PlayStation 4! It's finally coming after a full generation of fans hoping and praying that a true-blue sequel would be made for a PlayStation console. We have to wait for the PS4 and it's probably a ways off, but at least it's coming. It's also interesting to note that Final Fantasy XV will be on the PS4 as well, but is anyone really surprised that Versus XIII has morphed? Because I'm not.