"Lame" is the only word I can think of concerning Sony's Tokyo Game Show 2015 press conference.

I mean, it wasn't terrible and maybe we're all spoiled after that historic E3 presentation that included a trio of unbelievable news ( Final Fantasy VII Remake , Shenmue 3 and the return of The Last Guardian ). And those were hardly the only highlights.

But even so, when I think the best Sony news from TGS 2015 is the announcement of a new Hot Shots Golf for PlayStation 4, something is seriously amiss. Gravity Rush 2 and Yakuza 6 are cool, too, but we don't even know when these games are coming to North America. We needed some fireworks that we did not get at TGS and I'm guessing Sony is holding off until the PlayStation Experience in December.

Maybe that's when we'll see Gran Turismo 7 and a new God of War , or perhaps Quantic Dream will finally tell us exactly what the hell they're working on. Whatever it is, I'm hoping it'll be a darn sight more intriguing than TGS 2015.