I don't know about you but I've been hearing a lot of the same over the past few months:

"I used to be really into Destiny but it just got boring after a while. I'm hoping The Taken King will get me back into it."

A lot of people have made similar statements online and it makes me wonder: Will the new expansion, as big as it is, rekindle flagging interest in the year-old game? It's probably not coincidence that the title's single biggest add-on to date lands on almost the exact same day as the full game's launch in 2014. And the sheer amount of hype surrounding this expansion makes it seem like a completely fresh adventure, and even Bungie has said The Taken King is indeed "like a whole new game."

It's true that we're getting a new location and the expansion details are impressive. They're also making an awfully big deal about that special PlayStation 4 bundle . …who ever heard of a unique piece of hardware for an expansion? Well, like I said, The Taken King is, for all intents and purposes, being billed as a new game, or a new entry in the franchise (if we can even call Destiny a "franchise," and I don't think we can).

But I also know that a lot of former fans are still skeptical. They're not totally convinced that The Taken King will resurrect their enthusiasm, which died out earlier this year. Are you one of these fans and if so, are you psyched for the new expansion? Or has the game receded into the shadows for you?