It's always good to hear that a massive video game is profitable for the developers.

CD Projekt Red has revealed the exact cost of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt , along with other impressive numbers.

CFO Adam Kicinski tells us the overall budget came in at about $81 million, which may sound like a lot but pales in comparison to other huge open-world productions. For instance, it's said that Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive spent a whopping $265 million to create and market Grand Theft Auto V . And yes, that $81 million for The Witcher 3 does include marketing; over 40 different marketing campaigns, in fact.

The game was developed over the course of three and a half years by a total of 240 in-house staff members, and with the assistance of 1,500 people around the world. Kicinski added that 500 voice actors worked on the game and overall, the product was a "good investment," citing the 6 million copies sold in 6 weeks .

Great news but I would've liked to have seen more money spent on QA. Just sayin'.

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