This is just plain goofy. But in a good way.

As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , the aptly-named Drive!Drive!Drive! is headed to PlayStation 4 and Vita in 2016.

From developer Different Cloth comes a game where you actually have to manage and drive multiple tracks at the same time. You can switch between different tracks during a race any time you want; when you switch, an AI driver will take over the vehicle you left behind. The problem is that the computer racers "aren't what you'd call competent." This means you'll have to keep bouncing back and forth to win.

The game will also boast a soundtrack fueled by "the world's state-of-the-art synth/prog/post-rock band ZOMBI," along with racetracks "set across different galaxies and multiple gravities." Oh great, gravity will come into play? Sounds nuts.

Check it out:

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