The master has done it again .

But as we all know by now, this marks the end of an era , as Kojima and Konami have gone their separate ways.

And Hideo has been saying for years that he wants to do something else, perhaps try his hand at a completely different style of game. Don't forget that earlier this year, the MGS creator repeated himself perhaps for the last time: "MGSV will be the last Metal Gear."

Nobody knows what he might end up producing but we know it'll be something. In citing his 52nd birthday, Kojima said he'll "keep creating forever." Okay, so what should it be? Any ideas? Do you think he should take a stab at something entirely new? Should he stick to his strengths and deliver some sort of military-based RPG with a strong focus on narration and over-the-top situations? Or, should he attempt to spread his wings a bit? All artists like to experiment here and there, but that doesn't mean every experiment turns out a winner.

In some ways, you don't want to see him try something new and fail miserably, as it would inevitably diminish his hero status in the video game industry. But in other ways, you almost want to see him succeed at something wildly different because then he'll prove to himself – and to everyone else – that he's far more than a one-trick pony. Well, he's not, in truth; he has worked on different projects but now, he's on his own.

Who knows what he'll do? What do you want him to do?