Taunts are just such an important part of the game, right? They're just so…you know, personal.

Want to make them even more personal? Developer Gearbox Software is giving you that opportunity, as they've announced a new contest for their upcoming MOBA-like shooter, Battleborn .

This contest tasks you with creating your very own taunt for the game; you submit a short video of yourself performing this maneuver (via YouTube, Instagram, Vine, etc.) and a team from Gearbox will then determine a winner based on "creativity, originality, and presentation that captures the essence of the characters in Battleborn ." Of course, this taunt can't contain any copyrighted materials or inappropriate or indecent content. If you want more details, read the official rules .

Battleborn is slated to launch in February for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It'll boast 25 playable heroes and while the story mode does support solo play, multiplayer via split-screen and online co-op is obviously encouraged.

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6 years ago

No. We need taunts for the next Duke Nukem.

2 years ago

No. We need taunts for the next Duke Nukem.