The classic platformer with a twist!

A small independent team, 1337 & Senri, have revealed their new PlayStation 4 game over at the PlayStation Blog . It's called Leo's Fortune and it's a "handcrafted platformer" (that began its life as a free mobile production).

Utilizing physics-based puzzles and an original (and obviously humorous) story, the designers have crafted a quest that should put a smile on your face. Someone has stolen Leo's gold fortune and it's up to you to get it back. As you progress, you'll pass through all manner of environmental obstacles…and you're really just a furry head. And for everyone who appreciates the effort behind a painstaking visual presentation:

"Most platform games are designed using a set of repeating texture tiles. We chose not to make our lives any easier and did not use a tile system. Instead, each level in Leo’s Fortune is one enormous unique panoramic image, created from scratch. We even developed our own game engine from scratch. This is why we often refer to the game as 'handcrafted.' We could’ve made this game more easily using off-the-shelf tools, but we don’t think the result would have been the same."

Leo's Fortune comes to the PlayStation Store on September 8.