Dragon Age: Inquisition isn't over yet!

During PAX Prime over the weekend, developer BioWare announced the final piece of DLC for their award-winning role-playing game. Dubbed The Trespasser, it's due out on September 8 and it's actually an epilogue for the main quest.

Creative Director Mike Laidlaw says "it's something we haven't tried before," as Trespasser tells an "entirely new story" that takes place two years after epic campaign ends. Players will "ultimately decide the fate of the Inquisition" they worked so hard to build, and they'll also locate clues about the future of Thedas. Just remember that if you want to play through Trespasser, you'll have to have completed the primary storyline (which makes sense).

Furthermore, they outlined a new patch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions, which will boast the "usual fixes" along with several new features. These features includes the Golden Nug, which lets you "sync" your collectibles across games after completing the main story, and a wardrobe for Skyhold. Check out Laidlaw's comments on both here .

Why stop playing when the game is so damn good?